Wednesday October 28, 2020

Product and Services

We believe in making banking a delightful experience for our customers. We understand that your time is valuable and hence have designed products so as to reduce the amount and cost vested in banking.We have products that help you bank within the comforts of your home and keep track of your transactions wherever you are.

For discerning clients, who expect nothing but the best, Personal Banking - an exclusive service from union trust - offers a wide array of sophisticated banking products and services in the convenience of an exclusive banking centre. This is personal banking at its very best.

We offers its clients a wealth of services to meet their specific needs while matching their individual risk preferences.

Our services range from domestic and international investments on an advisory basis to discretionary portfolio management for clients seeking to preserve capital and maximize income objectives.

Services include:

Structured Financial Products - provides principal protection coupled with linkage to selected capital market indices or to interest rates.

Advisory Services

Money Markets Instruments, Securities, Precious Metals - money market instruments, fiduciary deposits, certificates of deposits, bankers acceptances and treasury bills as well as bonds, shares, precious metals.

Foreign Exchange

Discretionary Accounts

Our Own Mutual Funds

Custody and Executions Services

Full Range of Portfolio Related Credit Facilities

Our Dealing Room - offers advice and expertise on foreign exchange and derivative products including basic spot and forward deals, currency and interest rate options.

Market Analysis our independent analysts publish weekly market letters on current trends in the major international capital markets.

To find our more about any of the above services or to discuss how we can help you accomplish your specific financial goals, please contact us.


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